12 Sermons on Obedience


Author: Charles Spurgeon
Language: Russian
Binding: Softcover
233 Pages


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Spurgeon, one of the greatest preachers of the 19th century began preaching when he was only 17.  His unusual gift was noted immediately and soon he became best-known preacher in London.  From 1855 his sermons began to be published on a weekly basis, many of which are still being published today.   Spurgeon’s sermons are simple yet original, emotional, practical, and comprehensible by believers and non-believers alike.  What makes them especially attractive is their author’s faithfulness to the truth and his clear and firm position on every subject, which he does not hide.  While the following sermon collection is intended for a wide audience, it could also be helpful for pastors, ministers, and seminary students.

  1. Elijah’s Plea
  2. Obedience Rewarded
  3. Withered Hand, The
  4. Joshua’s Obedience
  5. Clear Conscience, A
  6. Education of Sons of God, The
  7. Work of Grace the Warrant for Obedience, The
  8. Parable of the Wedding Feast, The
  9. Obedience Better than Sacrifice
  10. God in the Covenant
  11. Satan’s Banquet
  12. Obedience of Faith, The