The Answers Book


Author: By Ken Ham, Andrew Snelling, Carl Wieland
Language: Russian
Binding: Softcover
76 Pages


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The Answers Book addresses 12 of the most-asked questions on Genesis and the Creation/Evolution issue. What happened to the dinosaurs? Were there really ice ages? Who was Cain’s Wife? How did all the different races arise? Noah’s flood – what about all that water? What about continental drift? What about carbon-14 dating? Why did God take six days? How did “bad things” come about? What about the “gap” theory? Does distant starlight prove an old universe? How could animals get to places like Australia?

Each of these questions is given a detailed, in-depth answer, and a brief summary to help you grasp the idea at a glance. Non-Christians will be challenged. Christians will be encouraged that the Word of God is believable and trustworthy.