Exodus, Volume 1


Author: John D. Currid
Language: Russian
Binding: Hardback
396 Pages


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This commentary, on the text of Exodus, has been written for the building up of the church. It not only provides insights into the book of Exodus, but also clear and concise application. It is a book for everyone who wants to understand better what God says to us in his Word. The author writes, “It is my hope that pastors will use it for sermon preparation, and others for Bible study preparation and personal study.”

Dr Currid provides solid exegesis in an accessible way matched with practical application that displays the relevance of this Old Testament book for the twenty-first century. Volume 1 covers the first eighteen chapters of Exodus, telling the account of the deliverance of the children of Israel from Egypt to their arrival at Sinai. It is the story of the persecution of God’s people, their release from the domination of Pharaoh’s Egypt to the crossing of the Red Sea. Central to this narrative is the birth, life and ministry of Moses. Volume 2, on Exodus chapters 19 – 40, covers the giving of the law at Mt Sinai and the institution of the Old Testament system of worship, culminating in the consecration of the tabernacle, the visible symbol of God's presence with his people. The account which began with Israel enduring oppression and in slavery to Pharaoh concludes with them enjoying freedom and traveling to the land of promise with the only true God present with them and leading them.